Filipino Man Possessed By A Ghost Caught By a Store CCTV


Being possessed is an event that is rare to know. Although it has been known worldwide, the theory about it runs between intentional drama acts and explainable phenomenon. This event is often attributed to the presence of demons, devils, spirits and ghosts. Skeptics often conclude that this is just a type of drama intended to provide entertainment. But what happened to this man that lives in the Philippines is an event that deserves an attention.

This man was strolling inside a convenience store when suddenly he made unusual movements, moving like a possessed person that we usually see in television or in a movie. He was holding a bottle drink he got from the cooler when all of a sudden he acted like a fool for entertainment purposes. The event was caught by the store’s CCTV camera and the video has been debated if it is true or drama. The controversial movements of this man may make you easily guess that this is just a play created to get public attention. However, the theory that possession is caused by ghosts, demons or spirits might be uplifted as there was a mysterious figure reflected by the mirror of the cooler after the man collapsed.

This figure is somewhat identical to the unclear forms of ghosts that we often see in videos showing ghostly events. Whatever that figure could be, for sure that has something to do with what happened to this Filipino man.

Anyone notice the reflection on the door after he hit the ground?






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