Having a ghost in your house can be a daunting life. You could live with daily fear and in an uncomfortable environment. But a ghost should not become a barrier to a happy life. In fact, you can forcibly kick the ghosts out of your house by acting like you are the boss. But you should be strong enough when getting rid of those disturbing beings. Have the authority to command: Though ghosts can be uncontrollable, you can at least command them to become responsible and have good ethics while staying in your house. This can be useful most especially for those ghosts who are stubborn.Do not feed them: A refrigerator with full of stuff to eat could make ghosts stay longer. Provide them with reason why they should leave. Make way for them to buy their own food so that they could realize that it is better to stay out of your life than live with their own costs. You may want to let the ghosts share house expenses since they often turn on the lights without your permission.Ground them: Having ground rules in your house is an idea that ghosts don’t like the most. You must force your ghosts to be responsive to your rules if they are to live with you.Help them get direction: Most of the ghosts don’t know where they are going. That is why they prefer to live with people than live alone in nowhere. You can educate them on what they are now and where they should go. That way, you are helping them to stay away from you and live on their own.Always remember that doing the tips provided above may irritate or disappoint your ghosts. Thus, you have to become a very determined person like no other.

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