What are the symptoms of a haunted house?

1. Introduction

Spiritual research done by SSRF has revealed that most houses around the world have negative vibrations due to various causes. Refer to – What measures can one take to spiritually cleanse one’s house or environment of a haunting? These negative vibrations attract ghosts and our departed ancestors causing the house to be haunted. The ghosts and departed ancestors haunting the house invariably cause distress to the residents. Hence it is important for us to be able to pick up the symptoms of haunting so that we can then take measures to rectify the problem. Only Saints and people with highly advanced sixth sense can really perceive whether a house is haunted. However we have listed some of the common symptoms of haunting that give an indication of a possible haunting.

What can be the symptoms of a ghost affecting a person?

2. Symptoms of haunting

  • Disappearance and reemergence of objects in the house
  • Finding unidentified objects in the house
  • Appearance of unexplained marks around the house, e.g. scratch marks on the walls, weird faces on cupboards or walls
    Yantra (subtle diagram) left by a ghost
    Discoloured walls due to ghost
  • Hearing weird sounds or sounds of doors closing or opening, banging, laughter, walking, speaking, etc. in the absence of any source
  • Lights going on or off repeatedly without any reason
  • Withering of sattvik plants like the Holy Basil (Tulsi)
  • Cats or dogs whining or barking unnecessarily
  • Unexplained death of pets like cats
  • Unusual happenings like sudden onslaught of pests like bed bugs, red ants, cockroaches or rodents
  • Sudden unexplained appearance of religious symbols like the cross or the Aum (ॐ) symbol in the house
  • Unexplained discord and animosity in the house
  • Frequent unexplained illnesses or other problems like financial problems in the house
  • Consecutive unexplained deaths in the house
  • Feeling a presence in the house
  • Finding unexplained blood stains on clothes, on objects or on the floor
  • Feeling of being watched
  • Actually seeing ghosts





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