The True Story of the Exorcist

This documentary from the Discovery Channel series called Exorcists tells the true story of the infamous film and book called The Exorcist from W. Blatty.

Ronald E. Hunkeler, (in this documentary, referred to as Richard) a young boy from Cottage City, suffered delusions and severe episodes of psychosis with unexplained feats of unusual strength.

Hunkeler’s Catholic family was convinced the child’s aggressive behavior and outbursts was attributable to demonic possession when all medical avenues have been exhausted and called upon the services of Father William Bowdern with Father Walter Halloran to perform the rite of exorcism on a referral from Father Raymond Bishop.

This is the story of what truly happened.

Today Hunkeler is a successful NASA aeronautical engineer. Father Halloran maintained until his death in 2005 that he never witnessed Hunkeler display any of the supernatural behavior portrayed in the film; no foreign languages, changes in tone of voice, unusual strength, vomiting or urinating, or unusual markings on the boy’s body, yet transcribes from the diaries of witnesses state otherwise. This is the last interview with the last surviving priest who attended this famous exorcism,

Publicly Ronald has been located and refuses to talk, if he is indeed still alive today. Here is a link to his High School yearbook picture


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