EXORCISM AND POSSESSION : With Father Malachi Martin … School Killings a Very Real “Sign of the Times”


History has been stalled long enough.

The shooting issue, we are discussing here quite probably belongs in a context few have the courage to bring up.

We are talking about “evil.”

Were we to examine the “religions of the book,” Christianity, Islam and Judaism, we find clear definitions of pure evil, going further, of issues of demonic ”intercession” in the lives of men.


Only Iran has courts that are officially empowered to judge such issues, courts empowered to remove national leaders.

I used to think this was crazy, talking about “Jinns,” or “demons.”

I don’t think that anymore.

What if there had been a “sane” authority in the US that had the power to arrest the entire Bush (43) administration, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rove, Ashcroft, Wolfie, Gingrich, the Fox News gang, Beck, Limbaugh, send rendition teams after Blair…

…all in early 2001?

What would the world be like now? We have it under reasonable authority that 17% of the US Military’s officer corps might well have been best picked up in the process.

Here is what ”we” are advocating. There is a “working group” examining patters of behavior, psychological warfare, advancements in physics and issues of “evil.” Yes, we are putting this in the context of “disclosure” and things like “interdimensional” issues … GORDAN DUFF

The late Father Malachi Martin was a renown exorcist and Jesuit, a one-time advisor to three Popes, and best-selling author. As a member of the Vatican Intelligence Network, under Pope John the 23rd, Martin helped extend the Church into Iron Curtain countries. In 1964, concerned about the corrupting influences of power, Martin was released from his vows of poverty and obedience after 25 years as a Jesuit. He left Rome for New York, where he did odd jobs until a Guggenheim Fellowship enabled him to write his first bestseller, Hostage to the Devil.



Only problem I have is no one identified the ‘evil’…
Closet was the demonology of standard belief systems.
-No one takes the idea of ugly demons coming to get you in the night (boogy man) seriously?
>>Just so people will know, these ‘demons’ have been identified.
A group and I have been in open battle with them for some time now.
The battle rages on the spiritual level, so no, most can not be seen. However, there are many among us.
They got here by mixing their DNA with ours…each of us has a little. The ‘bad guys’ in public offices have some twenty (20) percent, or more!
-Possession takes place when one of them takes control of one of us. Mind control, emotions, all theirs for the taking, to do with you as they please!
I know, most say ‘Yeah, right!’
-Just why do you think you do things you would normally NOT do?
That was decided for you, that’s how.
>Reptilian and Grey races have been doing this for thousands of years…
-And you thought it was all just a scary movie? Think again, this is real.
My second Oath of Service is not limited to Planet Earth.
-It is a Creational Oath.
>>It reads: I do solemnly swear to Protect and Serve the Light of Our Creator against all enemies.
This is only the second Oath I have ever taken.
>This is why I fight against Principalities and Powers of the void and darkness.
-I am honored to fight for all of mankind and with the greatest group of warriors I have ever met.



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