Chris Everards exposes the lies in government and ruling royal elites, exposing them for what they really are.
Evil and deceiving to the core. The media and much of todays governments are in fact members of secret orders which are battling for your soul and killing anyone who stands in their way.

Ignore people who say Chris cannot substantiate his claims. He can and has. He does not make unsubstantiated claims. You can research for yourself.

Just because the Mainstream media channels like fox, cnn, bbc etc are the biggest channels in the world, it doesnt mean they are absolutely reliable. People are idiots and totally brainwashed to assume so. Mainstream media very often, CANNOT back up their claims. All they do is have their reporters say “this happened, that happened. Hes a terrorist, shes a terrorist, hes evil, shes evil”.

The people then swallow this up as if its absolute truth, without even checking up on it. They automatically think that anything mainstream says, must be true. Thats how clever the secret orders/elite are. They make people think mainstream is reliable.

Mainstream media is a Disney show for kids and for the gullible. Its carefully selected shows for dumbing down and emotionally controlling the masses.





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