ALFRED WEBRE : Hyperdimensional ET intervention – LOVE BREEDERS AND FEEDERS



Eve Lorgen: Hyperdimensional ET intervention in Love relationships, Spiritual warfare, “Satanic” cults


Anomalous Trauma

In her ExopoliticsTV interview, Eve Lorgen explores the origins of “anomalous trauma” from a diversity of interdimensional sources:

1. Alien Abductions & Extraterrestrial Contact

Singular event UFO sightings with an abduction and missing time

Multiple UFO sightings and alien abductions and/or visitations, with or without multigenerational family involvement with alien visitations

ET contact with multiple visitations, claims of benevolent Space Brothers

ET contact via “dream visitations” and channeled information

2. Alien Interference in Human Love Relationships

Aliens setting up two targeted partners

Aliens breaking up and/or disrupting a love relationship

Human/Military setting up or breaking up two “abductees or milabs”

Unseen cult influences to set up/arrange a relationship or marriage

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3. Military Abductions (MILABS)

Alien abductees intermittently taken by human military or “secret government” for interrogation purposes about alien contacts

Alien abductees sheep dipped and trained as operatives under mind control for “secret government” or intelligence agencies

Military abductees with no alien contacts. This may involve the “super warriors” under mind control used as covert agents for intelligence or military agencies

4. Spiritual Warfare

Malevolent alien visitations and attacks, such as Greys, Reptilians, Draconians

Demonic attacks such as incubi, succubus and vampiristic attached entities

Attacks by “hosted” human beings, black magicians, sorcerers

Exorcisms, Deliverance and Spirit Releasement experiences Alien versus Demonic Articles

5. Cult Abuse

Satanic Ritual Abuse, Illuminati Bloodline family cults

UFO Channeling Cults

CIA Cult Families

MK-ULTRA victimization

Miscellaneous Cults

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6. Near Death Experiences

Traumatic illnesses, or life threatening events which take the person to the other side and back. They may be positive, frightening or just plain shocking.

Reptilian Hosting and Strip Clubs

The following is a case study of the hyper dimensional psychic cording, linking, and reptilian attachment resulting from patronage at a “sex club”



The Love Bite: Alien Interference in Human Love Relationships

The Dark Side of Cupid: Love Affairs, The Supernatural and Energy Vampirism





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